Records Storage Services

Records StorageWonder what you’re going to do with thousands of documents worth of data? We’ve got several storage services to fit all of your office’s or facility’s needs. But the decision starts with you: are you interested in an owned, in-house solution? Do you want to foster flexibility by hosting off-site? Or would portable options like a CD, DVD, or secure PIN drive work best? We can offer all of these and more—let us help you decide on a custom option.

Our records storage services are proven to have a positive impact on your workflow. We can help to cut out inefficiencies and speed up projects with automatic routing to the next person in a process. Our indexing and data solutions are second-to-none. Our sophisticated indexing, combined with custom data entry and optical character recognition make your documents instantly searchable.

Don’t forget about digital mail solutions! Take paper out of the equation and turn your postal mail into email.

Protect Your Documents

Our off-site storage options are among the most secure in the country.

Get What You Want, When You Want It

Our indexing solutions give you immediate access to the data you need, whether the file has been digitized or cataloged and stored.

Speed Up Your Office

Automatic routing and detailed OCR indexing are just a few of the features