Document Scanning Services

Scanning ServicesMaterial documents like paper are surprisingly vulnerable. Whether it’s fire, flood, or even just mold, the unexpected can up-end your entire department or operation.

eDocAbilities document scanning services can convert your paper documents into secure, digital formats.. We can scan documents as small as 3.5”, and as large as 42” or more! Our high-speed scanners can work through large volumes of paper rapidly and affordably. And we have high standards of quality control in place to make sure your collection stays readable and accessible.

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities make the basis for easily managed documents. Once scanned, your files can be saved in a local or remote server, converted to CD/DVD, or even stored on secure USB devices.

Protect Your Papers

When the unexpected happens, will you suffer from the circumstances? Or will you be able to rest confident that your most important records and papers are digitally backed up, safe and sound?

Save Time With High Volume Document Scanning Services

There's no comparison: you couldn't use a personal scanner in the same way we use our high-volume machines. Let us scan your volumes quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Accurate and Intelligent

Once scanned, your documents can think like you do. Search them using keywords and tags that you would use when describing them or thinking about them. Your information is at your fingertips!