Microform Conversion

Microform ServicesLots of organizations (both public and private) have some of their most valuable information and records stored on rolls of microfilm and microfiche. As technology has developed, this format is often left behind. The result: much of the information on microfilm or microfiche is inaccessible, or threatened by decay. Even if readers are available, searching for specific entries can be inconvenient and eat up time.

eDocAbilities makes images on microfilm and microfiche usable again by converting images into digital with high-speed film scanners. While this format can be particularly fragile, our expert technicians have successfully converted thousands of rolls and sheets of images and are ready to convert yours, too.

Bring Your Records Into The Future

Microform was the best format of its time. With a changing technological environment, your important data needs to be on the cutting edge.

Get Your Microform Out of Harm's Way

Many micro formats are in danger of decaying beyond their utility. Scanning is the best way to save the contents of your microform library.

Eliminate The Reading Time-Sink

Finding a reader for your microform materials can be the first difficulty in accessing microform files. And once that's done, the unintuitive and time-consuming process of searching image-by-image is a terrible waste. Scanning those images means you can find the exact file you're searching for, instantly.