Document Destruction Services

Records DestructionContrary to popular belief, most identity theft and foul play in the realm of information isn’t perpetrated by computer hackers, but instead by criminals with access to hard-copy resources.

Destroying your used and confidential documents is a specialty of eDocAbilities. Proper document destruction services can shield your organization from customer and user relations issues, lawsuits, liability, identity thieves, and the press.

eDocAbilities is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and AAA certified through the National Association of Informaiton Destruction (NAID).

After destroying your documents, shredded bales are pulped and recycled.

Sidestep Security Threats

Properly destroying your documents is the best way to keep them out of the hands of criminals. But you can also avoid a host of other publicity and legal problems that may not necessarily involve criminal activity.

Avoid Liability Risks

Many offices are obligated to abide by legal standards with regards to their information on file, such as those with a security clearance or under HIPAA regulation. Proper destruction is integral to abiding by those regulations.

Certified Destruction

Because we're certified with NAID, you can be sure our destruction methods are documented and standardized. Take confidence in end-to-end destruction security.