Who is eDocAbilities?

eDocAbilities ConsortiumeDocAbilities is an organization born out of eight different non-profits operating in the field of document management. Our individual missions have always coincided: to help people with disabilities find avenues for employment. Over time, that mission lead each of us down a path toward document management as a field that fit all of our operating criteria. Separately, we’ve each developed our business and worked with any number of organizations and businesses.

In joining together, we multiply the impact of our accomplishments, capabilities, and experience. Our vast network of localized facilities and storage is world-class. Our capacity– whether for volume or extraordinary circumstances– is unmatched.

Records Management with A Purpose

Our Mission

To provide unsurpassed secure document conversion services to local, state, regional, and national marketing while employing individuals with disabilities.

Our Vision

A Document Services network where ideas, technology, and business opportunities are shared for the success of all stakeholders.

Our Values

Real work opportunities for people with disabilities; Long Term Success of All Members; Mutual Trust and Accountability among Members; Protection of eDocAbilities ideas and strategies; Growth through the use of marketing and technology.

Learn More About Our Members

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